Wherever time and space are limited and extraordinarily high standards are demanded Angel Bay provides the perfect solution, with a range of convenient, part-cooked products. Specifically designed to give busy chefs more ways to delight diners, our Angel Bay products are versatile, delicious and New Zealand made.

A longstanding history and a base of avid supporters

Angel Bay first started in 1997 with humble beginnings, and is now an established brand in global markets. We have a loyal following and wide customer base in New Zealand, Australia, South East Asia, the Middle East and establishing markets in other countries.

We’ve got you covered

Our spread of products includes long standing favourites as well as fresh-new products that are innovative, trendy, delicious and unique. Not only do we provide a broad range of products, we provide them in a format that means they’re quick to cook, easy to prepare, limitless in menu options, consistent in quality and delicious every time.