School Lunch Programme

Providing nutritious lunches in schools every day just got a little bit easier. 

Busy catering facilities like yours need healthy, delicious menu options that anyone can make. That, right there, is the genius behind the Angel Bay brand - making it ‘every day easy’ to achieve high-end results.

Angel Bay is popular because our homestyle beef and lamb products consistently deliver quality, nutritional products that are simply delicious. Our 54-gram lite patty provides 8.9 grams of protein and are made with reduced-fat and lower sodium, which means they sit within the green category in the Ministry of Educations framework. They also have a 4-star, in the Health Star Rating system. While they might be lite in fat and sodium, they are still soft with a chunky texture and a meaty beef taste. 

Not only are they delicious and sure to be a fan favourite with the kids, they are part-cooked, snap frozen, and packed ready to be removed and heated to >75°C in a hot plate, microwave, oven, BBQ and even air fryer, then eaten.

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